• Participation is an extreme sport. You break or lose it, please replace it.

  • Bring problems with plumbing, electrical, internet, etc. to the attention of a staff member.

  • Never give out the Nau Mai key/key codes to anyone.

  • Learn how to reset the router and use this as a first defense against an internet outage.

  • Pay your membership dues within 7 days of receiving your monthly invoice. Nau Mai will not chase you down, please put it in your calendar.

  • Engage in meaningful greetings. Pop in and out of all areas and offices to connect with one another.

  • Equipment and professional liability is your responsibility (our insurance won’t cover it). Ask your insurance provider for “renter’s insurance.”

  • Cleaning up after yourself, washing your dishes and tidying up is everyone’s responsibility. We work together to maintain a space we feel proud of.

  • Leave the spaces as you found them, or in better shape. (This includes cleaning up after your guests.)

  • Anyone who behaves in a manner that is destructive to the space or the members may be asked to leave. If anyone in our space makes you feel uncomfortable, bring it to Nau Mai’s attention right away.

  • Be responsible and respectful with your internet usage – no illegal activities or anything that makes those around you uncomfortable.

  • Respect other people’s privacy, confidentiality, safety, property and data.

  • The last member out of each space is responsible for closing windows, shutting off lights and firmly closing all keypad-equipped doors. Staff will pop in each night but we’re all safer when we take the time to lock up.

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